An idea for balancing life

Having a bunch of assignments and lots of things that have to be done during this semester is a bit stressed me out. To cope with this huge amount of work load, fortunately, I have several things that could potentially help me to stay relax and refreshed. One of which is Music. Yes, indeed!!! To me, music is an ultimate way to keep my mind fresh and free. I am passionate about singing so much, like MUCH MUCH MANY (*too exaggerate, LOL). It is therefore, whenever I feel tired and stuck, singing just recharges my battery. I am not saying that I am a good singer here, I am just saying that I do enjoy singing. That’s why, I did some cover of some songs that I definitely like and posted it my youtube channel. This is like doing two things at the same time: while improving your singing skill you are doing something that you are really love, which from my point of view, is a really great way to balance your routine busy life. I believe that everyone has its own way to deal with this, and this is how to do it.

When the first time I decided to do this, I am not that confident. But then, I am pretty happy since there are people out there who viewed my cover and liked it. That means a lot to me, though. So, here is one of my cover that I have posted in my channel on Youtube. Hope you guys like it. Enjoy listening!!!

Modelling The Introduction of Wolbachia Into Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes to Reduce Dengue Transmission


Meksianis Zadrak Ndii, Roslyn I Hickson, Geoffry N Mercer


Infecting Aedes aegypti mosquitoes with the bacteria Wolbachia has been proposed as an innovative new strategy to reduce the transmission of dengue fever. Field trials are currently being undertaken in Queensland, Australia. However, few mathematical models have been developed to consider the persistence of Wolbachia- infected mosquitoes in the wild. This paper develops a mathematical model to determine the persistence of Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes by considering the competition between Wolbachia-infected and non-Wolbachia mosquitoes. The model has four steady states that are biologically feasible: all mosquitoes dying out, only non-Wolbachia mosquitoes surviving, and two steady states where non-Wolbachia and Wolbachia- infected mosquitoes coexist. The stability of the steady states is determined with respect to the key parameters in the mosquito life cycle. A global sensitivity analysis of the model is also conducted. The results show that the persistence of Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes is…

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It has been a long time since I arrived…

What a really long break time for not writing in this blog. Yes, indeed!!! I have a bunch of things to do since last semester was started. Studying in the top 1 Australia University and the top 44 around the world is really demanding and challenging (but enjoyable at the same time). And finally I am arriving in the week 8 of second semester. How fast the time flies? I feel like I just arrived yesterday. I even don’t realize that now I am officially in my 10th month in this Kangaroo continent and in my week 7 of my second semester. Still 4 weeks to go and the 2nd semester will be ended. I was so busy catching up with all the new knowledge that I have learnt since last semester and doing lots of pretty challenging assignments and almost forgot this blog. What I missed the most form this blog is that time to play with words and sentences in describing what is going on around me. In this last ten months, my time has been used only to play with numbers, variables and formulas. I think, it is a good time for the ‘return’. Yeahh, I just miss writing. Perhaps, it is just a coincidence but starting this semester I have also deal with writing task since my research project is just about to be started, but anyway, I always believe that nothing is happened coincidently. Everything has been planned and setup. Who knows, by spending time writing some stuff up in this blog, I might have a chance to improve and recall my writing skill that is dying. Yes, it is almost die due to the fact that I am sort of rare to write “words” during my ten-month period of studying. Generally speaking, I used to have a good intuition to write when I was still doing my PDT in Bali and couple months after that training. I was so confident to write and play with words (in English). However, I found it a bit challenging to write a paragraph (in Academic style) when I was writing a summary of some basic concept in relation to my research project. I even spent 3 hours only to produce 2 paragraphs. What a wasting time? I then realized that the skill that I have improved might be gone forever if I don’t want to spend some time to practice it again. Therefore, I made my decision to also provide a time at the weekend (perhaps every Friday afternoon after my Stochastic Modeling class ended) to sit and write something in this blog. I reckon this might be a good bridge for me to maintain the writing culture.

Writing in academic style is a bit different compared to non-academic style. We need to have a good skill in skimming and  scanning the academic papers or journals as the resources. Also, we are required a particular skill called ‘paraphrasing’. This is one of the most crucial skill that we need when we are dealing with some academic writing. You just can’t copy and paste the exact same words as what you find in some papers. You need to reproduce them in your own words and acknowledge the authors. This is a compulsory thing to do if you won’t to be in trouble of indicated as a plagiarism case. Furthermore, to be able to paraphrase, we are encouraged to have skill in synthesize all the references and rewrite it in our own words by not changing the meaning of that sources. These are the things that I am currently working on. I am dealing with a quite various range of journals and have to be able to summarize and highlight the striking features that suit my research. I am looking forward for writing my final research project and since I have one week to finalize this proposal, it seems that I will spend my time to ‘talk’ via this blog for practicing writing again.

Have a good weekend fellas!!!


Melbourne, 12 September 2014.