A letter from “He” to “You”

Hi there, how are you? He asked me to tell something to you. Maybe this is not so important to you anymore since he heard that you now have a new life.

He is still there, standing in the sadness while compiling his broken heart that has been falling into pieces. He taught he would be able to start over a new life with a new exciting scenes. He taught he might let all the memories save and peaceful but he was wrong. He still could not believe everything is over. All he remembered is your smile. Maybe you taught it would be so easy for him to forget all the things that you both passed with together. Maybe you think now he is fine. Or maybe you think he has his life again. But you are wrong. He still miss you, the girl who used to be his spirit. He is now in a crisis to be moved from his past. He was struggling to cope with his broken heart. He has been in this situation before you came and stole his heart. It takes more than two years for him to finally open his heart. Now, the same thing happens again and he might spend more than two years to be healed. It is simply because he has already trusted in you. He has given everything to make you comfort with him. He tried to figure out the differences between you guys. He was truly understand that you also couldn’t follow him with his faith. You both couldn’t do that. He was really understand that. It is therefore he gave an option, but you won’t like that. He gave you all the decisions because he wanted to know what kind of decision that you wanna make. It is the only way he wanted to make sure how your felling to him. He wasn’t sure until now. He was really pleased for your decision to end this story. He knew exactly the condition but is it fair? He was asking to him self everyday. Why don’t you fight if you really love him? Why you just gave up to the condition? He knew there wasn’t no way out but he offered you an option. Why don’t you think the other way around? Okay, he now knows you are closed to someone else. He was so shocked and finally he knows the answer why you won’t fight for. You said you loved him but you were not. You seemed to just spend your spare time with him. Don’t be mad, but this is true. How come you can easily open your heart to another guy. He even never think to flirt with other girls because he still has a strong feeling about you. How could you so fast turning your heart? Shouldn’t that prove his assumption that you are not loving him when you both were together? If you truly in love with him you wouldn’t easily receive someone else to be in your heart right now. Now, he is really sure about his theory. In fact, it makes his condition even worst. If your goal is wanna destroy his heart, you are succeeded. You are successful in making he feels pain and sorrow. Now, all he wants to do is just want to clear his heart form those memories which are seemed to be a nightmare. If you wonder why he asked me to wrote this to you, he just want to tell you how good you are! How successful are your project to ruin his heart! He asked me to tell this to you not for making a judgment about you. He just wants you to know that he will be alright. It only the matters of time. Maybe three years or even one week. Who knows? All he wishes is a happy life for you. He hopes that guy is the one that you are seeking for. Please make sure that he is the one because once you decide you should be ready for every single consequence.

Good bye and wish you a happy life.