Ready to kick on board: Unimelb Adventures Blog Contributor

This is just perfect. What an incredibly great news. Came at the right time, when I was really devastated because of that stolen laptop. Yeah, yesterday, those new email notifications just blew me away. I am accepted to be a part of Melbourne University Adventures Blog as a contributor. This is gonna be a very new exciting experience since I will be contributing to this blog, providing information and ideas related to the uni life. Meeting new people with mixed backgrounds also another thing that exhilarates me. Not only that, having a chance to get involve in this community might enable me to enhance my writing skills. I am really passionate about pouring ideas in my writing. It is therefore, I am looking forward to kick off on the board. Owhh my goodness!! I can’t wait, to be honest.

Source: Google

Source: Google

I feel like I will make the most out of my last year here in Melbourne Uni. I know it’s gonna be very challenging experience as well since I have other commitments this semester. Research is on the progress and classes are waiting for me next week. Also, the mentoring program is awaiting ahead. But you know what, just kick it off!! No pressure, no burdens. That’s it!!! All I wanna do now is enjoying every single time in this final year. Don’t you agree with me?

Have a great weekend, fellas.

Melbourne, 28 February 2015

Pelajaran buat selalu WASPADA

Pengalaman kehilangan laptop kemarin agaknya buat saya sedikit paranoid untuk meninggalkan barang penting dan berharga, sekalipun di ruangan dengan tingkat keamanan yang luar biasa seperti ruangan G13, Richard Berry Building. Jujur, mood kerja saya masih dibayang-bayangi dengan penyesalan kehilangan laptop penting itu.

Pertama, karena itu Macbook Air yang tentu harganya tidak murah. Punya satu saja sudah bahagia. Apalagi impian punya Macbok itu sudah sejak dulu berjubel di barisan mimpi-mimpi saya. Hufftttt, rasanya sesak luar biasa, ketika sadar laptop itu raib dicuri di meja kerja saya saat jeda makan siang yang hanya 1 jam itu. Arrgghhhh…..

Kedua, menyesal kehilangan laptop itu karena coding terakhir yang saya kerjakan selama 3 hari terakhir, belum sempat saya save di google drive, dropbox ataupun hard-disk external saya. Rasa-rasanya mau gila saja. Kepanikan yang luar biasa melanda saya 2 hari yang lalu, saat sadar laptop itu tidak ada lagi di atas meja kerja; tempat terakhir Ia saya letakkan. Yang membuat saya heran adalah, ruangan ini boleh dikatakan sangat “secure“. Secara untuk bisa akses masuk ke ruangan ini, hanya master students tertentu saja yang punya access ke ruangan ini. Yap, ini tipe ruangan swipe-card accessed. Jadi, tak sembarang orang masuk ke sini. Banyak spekulasi juga sudah saya bangun dan berharap investigasi yang dilakukan oleh pihak security kampus segera membuahkan hasil. Saya masih berharap laptop saya itu kembali. “Please, just return my laptop back to me. I need it badly. Don’t you know that some important data for my research are still there.”

Ketiga, penyesalan juga bertambah dengan kurang pekanya security kampus dalam menanggapi laporan saya. Ini bukan laptop yang saya tinggalkan di area terbuka seperti perpustakaan atau taman baca. Laptop ini hilang di ruangan kerja saya dengan sistem security yang aman. Wajar lah saya punya harapan kalau laptop itu pasti kembali. Ok, memang tidak ada CCTV dalam ruangan ini, tapi untuk masuk ke ruangan ini kan hanya bisa dilakukan mahasiswa yang punya akses. Spekulasi lain juga bisa terjadi, entah ada orang asing yang masuk ketika pintu itu dibuka, tetapi kan ada tu CCTV di setiap pintu masuk utama gedung Richard berry ini. Ini sudah dua hari tapi belum ada kabar dari investigasi itu. Owhhh, come on!!! 

Keempat, menyesal yang luar biasa ini juga disebabkan karena sadar kalau laptop itu masih bisa di-trace, kalau saja saya menginstal applikasi “Find My Mac” sebelum laptop itu dicuri. Jadi bagi teman-teman yang juga adalah Macbook users, jangan lupa untuk instal aplikasi ini. Jika bingung cara mengistal “Find my Mac”, bisa klik di link berikut If your Mac is lost or stolen

Pengalaman ini berhasil membuat pikiran saya sempat kacau 2 hari terakhir. Imbasnya ya…. pada mood kerja saya di penelitian. Entah apa yang sedang terjadi, entah apa modus di balik ini semua, yang jelas ini tidak akan buat surut langkah saya dalam penelitian ini. Dengan pengalaman ini, saya seperti kembali diingatkan untuk selalu waspada. Jadi ingat pesan bang Napi, “kejahatan bukan hanya terjadi karena niat pelaku, tetapi karena adanya kesempatan”.

Melbourne,  26 Feb 2015

How do you define ‘happiness’ ?

I just finished my ‘homework’ given by my supervisors from the last meeting on Thursday. It really surprised me since I was not expecting to finish that work this fast. I targeted my self to finish everything by Sunday since next Monday, one of my supervisors asked me to report that work. Fortunately, I just did it. Unbelievable, hey! Well, I sometimes need to give my self credit, though. LOL… I perhaps so on fire to fix that work as soon as possible. I was so focus since this morning. It is therefore, I reckon this is the reason why I can make it before Sunday. But, anyway, I felt something deep down my body. I feel like so light and free.

Yeah, maybe this is what we call ‘happiness’. The feeling is so positive. It flows through your bloodstream and fills all the emptiness inside. Everyone has their own concept about being happy. The little girl right there, for example, she looks enjoying this beautiful afternoon by playing and chilling out with her mom and dad. She looks happy and has a good time. Or maybe, that man who is laying on the grass while listening to the music. I guess, being happy for him is just like that. Doing nothing, whilst a list of favourite music is accompanying himself to pass this afternoon. Or that lovely couple on that corner. Happiness for them might be this moment. The moment when they can sit down together under a romantic air and looking in the eyes while talking, laughing together.

Those are just my thoughts about how people define ‘being happy’. These might not be true but I can sense that happiness from this desk. Ya, I am sitting here in a park just nearby the uni enjoying this beautiful weather while writing this idea up. So, what do you think? How would you define a ‘happiness’?

Have a good weekend fellas.

Melbourne, 20 February 2015

Mentoring: Another New Experience

I was thinking of this plan since last semester. Yeah, it’s gonna be fun to be a mentor hey! Besides having a chance to meet new people, a.k.a networking, it might be good for improving your communication skills as well. Also, for an international student like me, it’s gonna be a good opportunity to improve my spoken and written English as well. So here is the story. A couple days ago I decided to apply for being a mentor for the new students who will be starting their study in the first semester this year 2015. I wasn’t not really sure if my application will be accepted. It’s good to have a try, right? The result came out three days ago, if I’m not mistaken, and it just shocked me. I was selected as a mentor in UMSU Mentoring program this semester. I was so happy. Even though, I know this decision needs a good commitment since I should be able to manage my time well for doing my research, and also attending some classes that will be started in two weeks, but I am still really excited to be a part with this program.

Well, there are several reasons why I feel this excitement.

1. Based on my experience, it is quite challenging to be a newbie in a strange new system and environment. One should be able to cope and catch up with new circumstances to make a ‘quick’ adjustment so the transition can be made smoothly. Yeah, I think it might be a really great experience to guide someone who is really new to the University of Melbourne. Can you just imagine, when you are in a strange place and without knowing anything, you are required to settle down to that kind of environment as soon as possible? It might take time, I reckon. So, the same logic might also occur here. When you are really new to the uni and don’t know how to deal with the enrollment system, to manage your timetable or even simple thing like where you can find the place to have lunch or breakfast around the uni. To answer these challenges, a role of mentor is needed. This is one of the reasons why I decided to be a volunteer for UMSU mentoring program.

2. Another reason is because, as what I’ve mentioned previously that being a mentor is such a good opportunity for you to improve your communication skills. You are required to be able to create a good two-way communication with your mentees. By having this chance, you are improving your communication skills. I found it really challenging when I joined the training  session two days ago, when there was a part (sort of a scenario test) that asked me to handle a situation when you meet someone for the first time and he/she is really shy and doesn’t talk too much. You need to know the best approach to communicate with this type of people.

3. Also, as an International student, being a mentor is a really good chance to improve your English, in terms of speaking and writing. This is mainly because, you will keep in touch with your mentee and will provide help and explanation, for sure in English. You will always involve in a conversation in which you will be required to talk as much as needed. Besides that, you will also keep in touch with your mentee via email. Meaning, the intensity for you to communicate in written language will increase. As a result, by the end of this mentoring program, I believe your English will be so much better.

Nonetheless, I still need to have a good time management to be able to enjoy this mentoring program and still enjoy my other activities, like blogging, playing badminton, and the most important thing is that still focusing to my research and my study. I am hopping this new experience might benefit me and people surround me.


Melbourne, February 19, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day! Our hearts beat for you… with about 1.6 Watts.

News @ CSIRO

hearts Solar research makes our hearts beat faster. [Image by Wendy Brian of] By Tania Ritchie, Valentine’s Day 2013 

Aww. It’s Valentine’s Day today in many countries around the world, meaning the annual bombardment of hearts is upon us again: sugary-sweet hearts, super-sweet hearts, super-sized hearts and even some super-strange hearts. But the iconic curvy ‘love heart’ might have originated from a simplistic drawing of the human heart, which long ago was seen as the place in the body where the soul (and, presumably, romance) lived.

Nowadays, thanks to science, we have much less poetic notions about what the heart actually does (although, to compensate, what we know now is much, much more likely to save your life). We all know, for example, that the heart is the powerhouse that keeps your blood circulating.

So, just for fun, we thought that this Valentine’s Day it’d…

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8 Jurusan Paling Top untuk 2022



KAMU yang masih sekolah mungkin belum memikirkan akan bekerja sebagai apa, atau bahkan memikirkan kuliah. Tetapi di dunia yang penuh kompetisi ini, tidak pernah terlalu dini untuk mulai memikirkan masa depan kita.  Terutama mengingat biaya kuliah akan tetap mahal.

Belum lagi dunia kerja yang belum sepenuhnya percaya akan sistem pendidikan online, dan masih menganggap penting gelar yang dimiliki seseorang. Jadi, belajar di perguruan tinggi akan menjadi sebuah persiapan karier yang penting dalam satu dekade mendatang.

Tidak peduli pilihan kariermu, ada dua hal penting yang perlu kamu pelajari. Pertama adalah bahasa asing, dan kedua adalah kemampuan menguasai program komputer. Kemampuan ini menjadi penting di era perubahan ekonomi yang cukup cepat. Sebab apa pun yang kamu lakukan, komputer pasti akan selalu dilibatkan.

Dan dalam sepuluh tahun mendatang, program-program studi inilah yang perlu kamu pertimbangkan untuk menjadi pilihan kuliahmu, seperti dilansir Forbes, Jumat (11/5/2012).


Cetak biru masa depan akan ditulis dalam…

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Inspire – Immerse : Luar Biasa Atmosfer Riset di sini

Ini kali pertama saya merasakan seperti selalu mendapat tantangan baru setiap minggunya. Setiap selesai diskusi dengan kedua supervisor penelitian saya, pasti ada saja hal baru yang selalu jadi bahan garapan lain yang tidak kalah menarik. Ritme riset di sini memang sangat luar biasa. Berbeda sekali dengan pengalaman riset sewaktu skripsi S1 saya dulu. Di sini, saya betul-betul dihadapkan dengan atmosfer riset yang jauh berbeda. Sejak awal juga saya sudah merasa aroma yang berbeda. Saat penggodakan proposal penelitian, misalnya. Kalau di S1 kemarin proposal skripsi saya lumayan tebal, kira-kira ada 18 halaman, nah, di sini, proposal penelitian saya kemarin cuman 2 halaman, di luar daftar pustaka. Yang lebih terasa adalah proses dari awal, saat mencari ide dan masalah hingga deadline pengumpulan proposal itu. Kita betul-betul dilatih untuk mandiri sambil tetap berinteraksi dengan pembimbing kita. Perbedaan lainnya yang saya rasakan adalah komitmen dari pembimbing penelitian yang sangat luar biasa. Setiap minggu, kita punya regular time buat ketemu dan berdiskusi. Jadi, seperti kita dibiarkan jalan sendiri sambil berimprovisasi tapi seolah tetap mendapat arahan dari seorang sutradara yang selalu keep on eye on us. Menurut saya ini luar biasa.

Rasa kagum saya ini rupanya makin kuat. Betapa tidak, semenjak pertemuan yang intensif 3 minggu lalu hingga siang tadi, saya seolah selalu ditantang dengan hal baru. Setiap kali selesai konsul, selalu dapat tantangan baru dari supervisor. Super sekali atmosfer research di siniBaru saja tantangan pertemuan minggu sebelumnya terjawab, ehhh…. datang lagi tantangan baru lagi. Hufffttt, amazing.  Kita seperti selalu diberi umpan yang menjadi clue buat perjalanan riset kita. Bagi saya, ini betul-betul pengalaman yang luar biasa. Pertanyaan besar buat saya adalah, “Bisa tidak tantangan-tantangan yang bakalan keluar tiap minggu nanti saya taklukan?”



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February 12, 2015

Nikmati saja aliran yang membawa mu ini.

Ini minggu ketiga saya resmi bergulat lagi dengan rutinitas yang saya tinggalkan saat sebulan libur summer break. Masih dengan mode yang ogah-ogahan, to be honest. Betapa tidak, masih musim liburan dan kampus masih sepi melempong tiap harinya. Apalagi perpustakaannya. Sepi gila. Tak banyak mahasiswa yang beraktivitas di sekitaran kampus. Sepertinya masih sebagian besar dari mereka masih asyik melancong menikmati indahnya musim panas. Mungkin ini sedikit fakta yang membuat saya masih “sedikit” malas buat beraktivitas di kampus. Tapi, tak terasa sudah hampir 3 minggu saya bertengger di ruangan ini, di Richard Berry Building, Melbourne Uni.

Tiga minggu belakangan saya kembali dihadapkan dengan kesibukan research saya yang sejauh mata memandang berjalan lancar. Tiap Kamis saya punya agenda buat sharing ideas  bersama kedua supervisor saya. Saya awalnya agak gusar dan sedikit kurang percaya diri apa bisa penelitian ini berjalan dengan baik. Semenjak menggodok proposal semester dua kemarin hingga saat deadline pengumpulan proposal kepercayaan diri saya mulai bertambah. Hingga akhirnya, saya semakin tahu apa apa yang akan saya buat sesungguhnya di penelitian ini. Sampai saat ini saya tengah menggodok simulasi Matlab buat model yang saya bangun di proposal kemarin. Entah kenapa, semangat ini begitu luar biasa. Saya tak bosan-bosannya mojok di ruangan G13 yang waktu libur begini sangat sepi pengunjung. Paling-paling ada beberapa mahasiswa yang juga sedang menggodok penelitian mereka.

Sedikit bosan sebenarnya. Cuman untungnya kuliah belum mulai jadi masih ada waktu senggang untuk sekedar berjalan di taman, bersepeda ria di sore hari ataupun duduk di taman sambil baca beberapa novel favorit. Bukan hanya itu saja, main badminton juga lumanyan jadi selingan yang bisa mengusir rasa kantuk dan bosan duduk di depan komputer. Seperti pesan salah satu senior saya yang kini sudah balik ke Indonesia for good, “Keep Calm and Enjoy the Research”, saya mau menikmati setiap moment penelitian ini. Moment saat ide di kepala tersumbat atau saat ide itu mengalir seperti aliran sungai. Iya, saya juga ingat perkataan rekan seperjuangan saya yang kini juga sedang studi di University of Western Australia, bahwa ini tahun terkhir saya di negeri kanggaru ini. Setiap momen perlu dinikmati. Iyaa, betul sekali itu. Sisa kurang lebih 10 bulan masa studi saya selesai. Itu artinya akan segera kembali ke rutinitas kerja di ibu pertiwi.

Memang waktu itu sungguh luar biasa. Tak terasa dia sudah membawa saya hingga semester 3 ini. Dia juga yang akan menemani saya dengan segala misterinya selama 10 bulan ke depan. Satu yang saya yakini, biarkan semua ini berjalan wajar apa adanya. Ibarat balon yang ditiup sang angin, Ia santai dan tak melawan aliran angin yang membawanya. Yang Ia lakukan hanyalah menikmati pemandangan indah tepat di bawahnya. Ia sendiri tak tahu ke mana Ia akan dibawa. Bisa saja Ia akan berakhir di akhir yang indah. Bisa juga Ia berakhir di antah berantah. Di tempat yang sama sekali tak Ia inginkan. Tapi yang pasti, filosofi balon di udara ini mengajarkan saya pribadi untuk “Let it be”. 

Nikmati saja aliran yang membawa mu ini. Karena mustahil buat kembali ke moment 1 detik lalu.

Nikmati. Nikmati saja moment sekarang.


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5th February 2015 Desk 43, Room G13, Richard Berry Building, Melbourne

How can you sound so Aussie?

It might sound funny and a bit weird to share this experience but I thought it’s good to share this to you. Ya, this is the n-th times I heard someone complaining about my accent when I speak English. Well, actually it’s not a complain. If I would say it as a compliment. Yeah, the first time I heard this question came out from a friend of mine, “”How can you sound so Aussie?”

Then the second time was from an old lady, who is a native of Melbourne, where I was in a barber shop in Brunswick. I was about to take my turn to get my hair cut but this old lady kept talking to the barber while complaining about her passport. She then asked me where do I come from and what I’m doing here in Melbourne. I responded shortly to her at that time since I was not in a mood to talk too much. Yet, she suddenly looked at me and smiled at me. “You must be kidding me? Were you born here?”, she keep talking. ” You should be grown up here. You have the Aussie accent”, she continued. Ooo what? You know what I felt at that time, happy. Yeah, I was so happy since this old lady is an Aussie and she kept telling me that I have a really strong Aussie accent.  She was curious about how long I have been here in Melbourne. She then really shocked when she heard that I have spent around 8 months in Melbourne. Okay, enough for that old lady. LOL

Another person that was asking me the same question was my land lord three days ago when we first met in the kitchen. He recognized my newbie face and starting asking me like an interrogation session. I explained to him and details as I could and guess what. He suddenly asked me this question, ” Where did you learn English?” Opssss, unexpected responses!! “Oooo, I learned English in Schools starting form Elementary school up to senior high” He looked so disagree with me. “It is ridiculous since the way how you speak is so different with Asian students that I have met before”, he explained. “You have such a good Aussie accent”, he said.

Up to this point, I still can’t believe how those people asking me the same question regarding my accent. As I said previously, I feel it’s a bit weird since this is my first time living in Australia and have no previous experience living abroad. I don’t even realize how my accent is now affected by this Aussie accent. All I know is that I’m surrounded by all local students. Perhaps this is the main reason where this accent comes from. Ya, there is no Indonesian student in my classes. Only a few Chinese, Italian and India students. I think this is the reason why I have this accent. I think I just quite lucky spend my time among Australian students which in turn have an impact on my spoken English. So, now I understand why people keep saying that “the closer you live with the people with a specific language and culture, the faster you master that language”.

Melbourne, 3 Feb 2015