You Stole It Since Day One

It has been good and always be like that.
Watching this feeling grows and gets stronger and stronger is just amazingly good.
It sometimes drives him crazy.
Don’t be surprise, you stole his heart since day one.
Yap, since that day.
It still clears in his mind, how you pronounced his name correctly.
Previously, no one can (really) pronounce his name as correct as what you did on that day.
It was such a warm welcome chat and somehow he wants to be back to that day.
It has been 3 months and he enjoys every single time with you.
Like every single second.
All he wants is just stay close to you.
He always wonders, “Are you doing alright?”.
“Are you doing okay out there?”.
He is now dragged into such a beautiful feeling which never ever happens in his entire life before.
You might notice it, right? How he feels about you?
He also (somehow) knows how you feel about him.
But he worries, he scares, if you don’t have same amount as what he has about you.
He is not really good in expressing what he feels and thoughts.
He is hopping, just hope,
and believes, time will help him out.

From the corner of South Lawn, Melbourne Uni
October 19, 2015 



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 Have you ever wondered about how powerful time is? Well, I have been thinking of this over the last four weeks and I somehow end up with this notion: “Time is the only constraint that can measure how capable you are (in whatever thing you are doing). It either can break you or make you. The only thing that you can do to deal with it is just by managing it well.

Up to this point, I feel like the measurement of how capable someone deals with their ‘job’, is basically depends on how capable someone of managing their time. Suppose, you are given a set of jobs in which you need to run all of those jobs only in one day (24 hours). Let assume that all jobs have similar level of difficulty. So technically, we ignore the variability of how difficult the jobs are. If you are assigned to finish all those jobs only in 24 hours, how could you go with it? If there are 6 consecutive jobs that are needed to be done by the end of the day, how could you handle this assignment?

One can simply say that, well, if there are 6 jobs to be finished then one plausible way to accomplish this mission is by allocating equal amount of time to each job. Meaning, every single job should be done in 4 hours. This is pretty cool strategy. However, the only problem is that, in real life things are (sometimes) out of control, especially when we feel anxious about the time limit that we have to complete all the given jobs. Well, this is only my theory. Maybe some of us are not feeling that way though. Some people might be productive when they are getting close to the deadlines. Some might feel the other way around.

From my point of view, there is nothing wrong about it. There is no such a ‘correct’ way of saying that being a ‘deadliner’ is a wrong approach. I mean, there is no guarantee to say that being as a ‘planner’ always works as well. Everyone has their own approach to deal with ‘time constraint’. What I am going to say here is that if you can really productive as you are getting closer to the due date, it is gonna be so sweet. Also, if you can really maximise your time by projecting your plan in advance to accomplish the mission, it is also gonna be awesome. So, up to this point, it all comes back to individual ability to cope with the time pressure no matter what approach you use. How can you control your anxiety and be focus to finish the assigned jobs?

Time management seems to be crucial here, regardless which approach you choose.  Both deadliners and planners , need to manage their time to be able to complete the given jobs. Nothing you can do about this if you do not have a good time management skill. Perhaps, other factors like individual knowledge and speed might be matter in determining how someone succeed in handling those jobs. If we just assume that everyone has the same speed and knowledge to process all the jobs, then the only thing that matters is the skill  to manage their time.

In my dictionary, having a good time management is a key element that needs to be taken into account. As what I said previously that time is the only constraint that might break you or make you. If we could somehow know how to ‘manipulate’ it. we could potentially conquer it and be the winner.  Having said that, it could break you, if you don’t know to deal with it. So let put it this way. To be able to tackle all the given jobs, we need to compete with ‘time’. Therefore, the only way to go about it is by taking control over it. Hence, you need to manage it and be the WINNER .

Melbourne, October 16 2015.