A New Project

I was on a tram ride from home and I basically had no idea where was I am going to go. LOL. Well, It is Sunday and you won’t spend your whole day at home when the weather is so damn good outside. So I decided to go out this afternoon (at 3 pm) and enjoy this beautiful weather.

I just realized that within a month I’ll be graduating from Melbourne Uni and this is (really) a big and important moment for me. It has been a really great journey (to be honest). Having a chance to meet great colleagues who are mostly locals (Australians) and amazing chance to be taught by great and outstanding professors, have made me so grateful and thankful for having this incredible opportunity. I have been spending my whole two years at uni and finally get my freedom back. Yeah, in these days, I have been  doing nothing (in terms of study). Done with thesis and my last exam some couple weeks ago. And now, I am technically a tourist. Wohoooo….. Just spending my free time (mostly at home) and it starts to get boring. So, this idea just came across my head when I was on my tram ride a minute ago.

It’s been a while, since couple months ago,  I have been apart from writing stuff in this blog. So, I decide to maximize my time (left) in Melbourne ( before I come again in the next future, I hope lol) by writing my adventures within 30 days before my graduation. The idea is that I will not only writing some stuff out in this blog about what I’m doing, but also I’ll make a ‘story’ about that. Hmmm, it hasn’t sound ‘cool’ yet hey.

To make it more different and original, I’ll make a (daily) story with pictures attaching on it. So it means that I also have a chance to improve my skill in photography while providing some cool and awesome places around Melbourne. Who knows, this would give you information about Melbourne; the place where I’ve been living in the last two years.

To make it more ‘awesome’ I think I will also create an ‘instagram’ account for this adventures. How that sounds? And I think this is going to be fun. Owhhh my goodness, now I think I have more to show and give in this 30 days. Can’t wait to do it. LOL

Besides having this plan, I would love to provide some ‘serious’ stuff about studying mathematics at Melbourne Uni. In my future blog posts, I would like to include some ‘suggestions’ and information about what is look like doing maths in the first uni in Australia. I am thinking of providing information about what should you need to prepare before deciding to come and study at Melbourne Uni as an international student, what are the challenges and what shod you do to cope and balance your busy and hectic student life with your social life, etc.

Owh woww, seems like I have many ideas NOW. Hahaha. Anyway, I think it is going to be fun and enjoyable for me to provide and fill my days with this activities. I can’t wait.

So, since I will start this project tomorrow, I really to get some ‘moments’ created today. So here we go. Let’s start this ADVENTURES.

Melbourne, November 15, 2015

From the corner of Elgin Street and Drummond Street,

Cafe Lua

Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies . . .

There are times when you might feel aimless
And can’t see the places where you belong
But you will find that there is a purpose
It’s been there within you all along
And when you’re near it you can almost hear it

It’s like a symphony
Just keep listening and pretty soon you’ll start to figure out your part
Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies
In each one of us Oohhh it’s glorious

And you will know how to let it ring out
As you discover who you are
Others around you will start to wake up to the sounds that are
In their hearts

It’s so amazing
What we’re all creating

It’s like a symphony
Just keep listening and pretty soon you’ll start to figure out your part
Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies
In each one of us Oohhh it’s glorious

What’s next?

Prior to my study I haven’t really taught to have this idea. The idea of doing more in the research field. I feel like I was driven into such a beautiful coincidence through this incredibly amazing experience. Being introduced to the master research project over the last two years has made me realize how wonderful and enjoyable it is to do applied mathematics research.

I have to admit that it was not easy. Having such a limited experience in conducting research has pushed me to work hard. I was doubting my self at the start of this project and was questioning my readiness and capability to do this research. “Am I ready? Am I capable?”  These two questions were always haunting me.  But thank goodness, everything is beautiful at its time, isn’t? All the hard work that you have put is just worth it. I can’t believe my self that I already finished my thesis and just have one last exam to be sit in before the graduation.




Photo: Private Courtesy

It’s been a wonderful journey and I can’t wait to do more in this particular field.  I would love to dig even deeper in research and therefore, I am willing to continue to the next level. I am not really sure yet if there is chance to pursue this dream but I believe that there always be a ‘door’ that is waiting for me out there.


November, 1st 2015

From Ground Level of Bailleu Library