Deactivating MATLAB without Having Access to the Computer

Installing MATLAB on your computer would not be an issue at all. As long as you have the license with you, it is a piece of cake to just install it.

MATLAB license can be purchased online by visiting When you click onto this link, you will be directed to the following page.

M_1 All you need is create an account then you can start purchasing products using your account. As what you can see, on the top-hand right corner, my name is written there, as I already registered. On this blog post, I just would like to highlight several key points that should be taken into consideration when you want to install another license on other computer using the same license that you have purchased.

So recently, I am trying to install another MATLAB on my new computer. Since I already purchased its license when I was doing my thesis in Melbourne, so I just can use the same license. The problem is the use of the license only limited for just 2 computers. SO if you wan to installed the same license on another PC (personal computer), you need to either deactivate one of those two previous installations or buy another license. Well, I suggest just deactivate one of the two used license.

My circumstances is rather complicated, since my first laptop was stolen, and my second laptop was sold prior to my completion of my degree. So it means, I could install the same license on my new computer because I have no access to those computers. However, I decided to contact people from Math Works and finally figured it out.

So first thing first, you can deactivate your MATLAB license without having any access to the computer that you have installed it previously. How could it be?

You need to access to your license center which is on your account. If you do not know how to do that then simply follow this link; It will direct you to a page where you can see your details of your license. Once you  are on that page the next step would be selecting the license by clicking on the row where your license are located on the page.

After that, you will see  a tab called Activation and Installation. Click on that tab and so you will be directed to another details with another “Deactivate”  tab. Click on that deactivating tab and therefore you will be given a deactivation string. Up to this stage, you will options of deactivation strings. Then simply choose “I do not have the Deactivation string”.

The following step would be unprompted the retrieve string by choosing the “Unable Retrieve String”. After that, you will have a final deactivation form which is needed to be completed. Once you fill all the missing information needed on that form, then BANG there we go, the deactivation is successfully. Meaning, now you are able to install another license on your new computer.

The steps to overcome the deactivation issue has summarized here on this link.

If you still find any issues regrading the deactivation you can visit the FAQ in the Math Works or probably you could drop a line to ask in the FAQ part.

If this is the first time for you to install a MATLAB license and you do not know how to do that, feel free to inquire. I would assist you as best as I could.

I will also provide some details on how you can even have a MATLAB installed on your computer without purchasing any license but rather trying the trial software provided on the Math Works page.

Happy coding, fellas.


From the corner of Excelso Cafe, Kupang, Timor, Indonesia.

Tuesday, 26th of April 2016.




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