It’s NOW or NEVER!!!

Stepping outside from your comfort zone is sometimes quite scary. But it wouldn’t be a challenge if you can just take your time, embracing in a moment, considering all the possibilities and taking the right steps. Start taking steps and your comfort zone expands.

It is quite a decision, right? You are already ‘safe’ and won’t take anything risky. It all comes back to YOU. Are you brave enough to get your feet out from the circle?

Generally speaking, it is a human nature to feel safe and secure. Almost in everything, and in every situation, we all tend to play safe. Life is only once. No other chance to screw it up. So, what’s the point of sacrificing your time to haunt something that you don’t even sure about it?

Well, it is not quite right to put your life in that scenario.  Life should be fun and therefore, you need an adventure. Exploring new things. Don’t just stuck and happy for just one achievement. Don’t you feel hungry? Yeah, right! It is like when you eat. You will feel full after eating. But then, you will be feeling hungry again. And it keeps that way, as always.

Mathematically speaking, a constant line is not that interesting. It has the same values  for all inputs that you can choose based on its domain. You won’t your life be like a constant linear line, do you? Well, cosine graph has more interesting feature compared to that line graph. It is somehow more artistic, if we can put that way.

So, in a nutshell, life should be full of risk. Take risk. That all I wanna say. If you feel like you want to make a change, even it is only a small little change in your life, all you need to do is believing to your self. Then, moving forward to take steps.

Don’t feel afraid!  Well, you will feel scared, definitely! Because you are just a human. You are not an angle. All of us. Sometimes things might go okay, all your plans are accomplished. But sometimes, you know, things go wrong. But that’s ALRIGHT. Take it as a lesson. Like, lesson learnt, so you won’t make same exact mistakes over and over again.

So, life is just the way how it is. Take your first step. GOOD LUCK!!!



Kupang, 3 September 2016,


from my own little comfort room.