The Essence of Life : Part 1 

I think the essence of life are (a) meeting new people as many as you could and (b) learning new things as much as possible. The former is slightly important than the latter. It is mainly because when you meet new people you could potentially learn from them too. You could grab positive vibes from their personalities, languages, attitudes, even their stories. So simply, life is about learning. Well, I have been told so many times about this, though.

Those two points above are both feasible and achieveable. To be able to meet new people you need to travel, for example. Travelling to new places is one possible way to have a new friend. Imagine travelling to 5 different places in a year, and let say the minimum number of friendship that you make is 1, and so in a year you already add your friends by 5 people. You are not only enlarge your networks but also your knowledge and understanding. Not to mention values that you hone from meeting new people. So go pack your bag and start exploring your neighbourhood.

Learning new things is also important and lots of resources that we could refer to in these days. Thanks to technology. It enables us to see what is occuring on the other parts of the globe just simply through a click on a computer, for instance. We could also learn dozens of (free) online courses from top-notch universities around the world. It is true that this era is a digital era when everything is provided online.

(to be continued)

From my own little comfort room.


Let’s Talk is BACK

So, ‘Let’s Talk’ is a personal project that I initiated last year. It is basically a non-formal and free English Speaking class for friends and people who want to practice their speaking. This idea was originally from a good friend of mine from Melbourne. He was encouraged me to create an English speaking class as a platform to practice English. Since then I run this casual class every weekend.

The idea is I invite friends who are willing to practice and improve their speaking skill to hang out, grab some coffee and talk in English. Technically, I don’t teach them. I just facilitate and lead the conversation. I also prepare some relevant topics to talk about.

It has been a while since the last session of let’s talk last year. This is due to the fact that I was busy with my job and it was kinda hard to juggling my time around at weekends. It is therefore, kicking off the start of this year I am going to run this class again.

As what you have seen from the poster above, we are going to have a session on Sunday, Jan 8, 2017. If you are around Kupang and interested in participating in this class, you are more than welcome to join.

It is a free class so no need to worry to pay or something. Just come and let’s have a talk.

See you there.

An Inner Insight of Using a Pattern

Private Courtesy

Patterns always look fascinating, isn’t? One can really see what is going on and even predicts the next sequence looks like. It is predicatable, hey!

As what you notice from the picture above, those cans are hang on the bench with a unique patern. There are 3 cans on the first row which then followed by 2 cans on the second row. On the subsequent row there are again 3 cans then 2 cans, etc.

I find the view of these cans is quite picturesque. Yeah, if you are at Melbourne Uni you could easily point out where you can find this spot. Yeah, it is at the Potter Coffee Shop just nearby the Potter on the Swanston Street. This cafe is one of my favorite coffee shops at Melb Uni.

But I am not going to talk about why I think this is a lovely picture or about the Potter Coffee Shop.But rather to highlight an inner insight of using a specific patern.

When someone is using a certain type of pattern in whatever thing it is, they might somehow will get used to the patterns and won’t try another new exciting sequence. I usually have coffee in certain ¬†cafes acrross Melb Uni. Well, I am a big fan of coffee but rather bit sellective to the coffee that I would like to have.

I used friends’ recommendations and/or the review of the customers on the coffee shops’ websites. I have a tendency to not try new places. Once I am in love with that place I will always get back to that place. That is one of the examples of using a specific pattern. In my case, I am using a pattern to grab a coffee. One can see that once you get used to a specified sequence you would feel comfort and won’t try new things out.

However, a risk taker will always stand on the other side where having a fixed patterns does not look satisfied enough. There is always a room to try something new out of their comfort zone. Well, it certainly a scary decision as you know, you need to be able to prepare yourselves for the worst. One could think that life is a gambling. It is nothing worthier than challenging yourselves to such a new ‘positive’ thing. And we will always end up with a certain probability of either succeeding or failling on the first trial.

To put in a nutshell, using a specific patern is not wrong at all. It would be lovely if you can combine with new exciting things, right? I just wanna give it back to you now.

Go grab the chance.

From my own little comfort room,


January 2017.

Happy new year fellas.