The Essence of Life : Part 1 

I think the essence of life are (a) meeting new people as many as you could and (b) learning new things as much as possible. The former is slightly important than the latter. It is mainly because when you meet new people you could potentially learn from them too. You could grab positive vibes from their personalities, languages, attitudes, even their stories. So simply, life is about learning. Well, I have been told so many times about this, though.

Those two points above are both feasible and achieveable. To be able to meet new people you need to travel, for example. Travelling to new places is one possible way to have a new friend. Imagine travelling to 5 different places in a year, and let say the minimum number of friendship that you make is 1, and so in a year you already add your friends by 5 people. You are not only enlarge your networks but also your knowledge and understanding. Not to mention values that you hone from meeting new people. So go pack your bag and start exploring your neighbourhood.

Learning new things is also important and lots of resources that we could refer to in these days. Thanks to technology. It enables us to see what is occuring on the other parts of the globe just simply through a click on a computer, for instance. We could also learn dozens of (free) online courses from top-notch universities around the world. It is true that this era is a digital era when everything is provided online.

(to be continued)

From my own little comfort room.



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