The Essence of Life : Part 1 

I think the essence of life are (a) meeting new people as many as you could and (b) learning new things as much as possible. The former is slightly important than the latter. It is mainly because when you meet new people you could potentially learn from them too. You could grab positive vibes from their personalities, languages, attitudes, even their stories. So simply, life is about learning. Well, I have been told so many times about this, though.

Those two points above are both feasible and achieveable. To be able to meet new people you need to travel, for example. Travelling to new places is one possible way to have a new friend. Imagine travelling to 5 different places in a year, and let say the minimum number of friendship that you make is 1, and so in a year you already add your friends by 5 people. You are not only enlarge your networks but also your knowledge and understanding. Not to mention values that you hone from meeting new people. So go pack your bag and start exploring your neighbourhood.

Learning new things is also important and lots of resources that we could refer to in these days. Thanks to technology. It enables us to see what is occuring on the other parts of the globe just simply through a click on a computer, for instance. We could also learn dozens of (free) online courses from top-notch universities around the world. It is true that this era is a digital era when everything is provided online.

(to be continued)

From my own little comfort room.


Let’s Talk is BACK

So, ‘Let’s Talk’ is a personal project that I initiated last year. It is basically a non-formal and free English Speaking class for friends and people who want to practice their speaking. This idea was originally from a good friend of mine from Melbourne. He was encouraged me to create an English speaking class as a platform to practice English. Since then I run this casual class every weekend.

The idea is I invite friends who are willing to practice and improve their speaking skill to hang out, grab some coffee and talk in English. Technically, I don’t teach them. I just facilitate and lead the conversation. I also prepare some relevant topics to talk about.

It has been a while since the last session of let’s talk last year. This is due to the fact that I was busy with my job and it was kinda hard to juggling my time around at weekends. It is therefore, kicking off the start of this year I am going to run this class again.

As what you have seen from the poster above, we are going to have a session on Sunday, Jan 8, 2017. If you are around Kupang and interested in participating in this class, you are more than welcome to join.

It is a free class so no need to worry to pay or something. Just come and let’s have a talk.

See you there.

An Inner Insight of Using a Pattern

Private Courtesy

Patterns always look fascinating, isn’t? One can really see what is going on and even predicts the next sequence looks like. It is predicatable, hey!

As what you notice from the picture above, those cans are hang on the bench with a unique patern. There are 3 cans on the first row which then followed by 2 cans on the second row. On the subsequent row there are again 3 cans then 2 cans, etc.

I find the view of these cans is quite picturesque. Yeah, if you are at Melbourne Uni you could easily point out where you can find this spot. Yeah, it is at the Potter Coffee Shop just nearby the Potter on the Swanston Street. This cafe is one of my favorite coffee shops at Melb Uni.

But I am not going to talk about why I think this is a lovely picture or about the Potter Coffee Shop.But rather to highlight an inner insight of using a specific patern.

When someone is using a certain type of pattern in whatever thing it is, they might somehow will get used to the patterns and won’t try another new exciting sequence. I usually have coffee in certain  cafes acrross Melb Uni. Well, I am a big fan of coffee but rather bit sellective to the coffee that I would like to have.

I used friends’ recommendations and/or the review of the customers on the coffee shops’ websites. I have a tendency to not try new places. Once I am in love with that place I will always get back to that place. That is one of the examples of using a specific pattern. In my case, I am using a pattern to grab a coffee. One can see that once you get used to a specified sequence you would feel comfort and won’t try new things out.

However, a risk taker will always stand on the other side where having a fixed patterns does not look satisfied enough. There is always a room to try something new out of their comfort zone. Well, it certainly a scary decision as you know, you need to be able to prepare yourselves for the worst. One could think that life is a gambling. It is nothing worthier than challenging yourselves to such a new ‘positive’ thing. And we will always end up with a certain probability of either succeeding or failling on the first trial.

To put in a nutshell, using a specific patern is not wrong at all. It would be lovely if you can combine with new exciting things, right? I just wanna give it back to you now.

Go grab the chance.

From my own little comfort room,


January 2017.

Happy new year fellas.

Pencemaran Minyak Laut Timor dan Masa Depan Petani Rumput Laut Rote


Baomong Ide Part 6

Oleh Fera Ketty

Pencemaran laut Timor Montara dan petani rumput laut Rote

Baomong Ide merupakan diskusi online yang melibatkan member grup WhatsApp Rote Bergerak yang merupakan wadah untuk saling mengenal antar anggota grup dan wujud tenunan kolaborasi antar berbagai komunitas maupun individu yang sama-sama bergerak untuk pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia di Rote.

Pada Jumat, 18 November 2016, telah dilaksanakan Baomong Ide untuk kali keenamnya. Diskusi yang dimoderatori oleh nona Sonia Kiuk mengangkat tema aktual yang sangat menarik yaitu Pencemaran Minyak Laut Timor dan Masa Depan Petani Rumput Laut Rote. Kali ini Baomong Ide berhasil mengundang seorang narasumber muda yang aktif berjuang untuk membela petani rumput laut di Rote melalui Seaweed Project yaitu Sdr. Seluz Fahik.

Diskusi dimulai dengan sesi perkenalan oleh Narasumber dan beberapa peserta diskusi yang baru bergabung di grup. Sdr. Seluz Fahik yang merupakan alumni dari University of Melbourne, Australia, saat ini sedang terlibat project Montara Class Action bersama kantor pengacara Ward…

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It’s NOW or NEVER!!!

Stepping outside from your comfort zone is sometimes quite scary. But it wouldn’t be a challenge if you can just take your time, embracing in a moment, considering all the possibilities and taking the right steps. Start taking steps and your comfort zone expands.

It is quite a decision, right? You are already ‘safe’ and won’t take anything risky. It all comes back to YOU. Are you brave enough to get your feet out from the circle?

Generally speaking, it is a human nature to feel safe and secure. Almost in everything, and in every situation, we all tend to play safe. Life is only once. No other chance to screw it up. So, what’s the point of sacrificing your time to haunt something that you don’t even sure about it?

Well, it is not quite right to put your life in that scenario.  Life should be fun and therefore, you need an adventure. Exploring new things. Don’t just stuck and happy for just one achievement. Don’t you feel hungry? Yeah, right! It is like when you eat. You will feel full after eating. But then, you will be feeling hungry again. And it keeps that way, as always.

Mathematically speaking, a constant line is not that interesting. It has the same values  for all inputs that you can choose based on its domain. You won’t your life be like a constant linear line, do you? Well, cosine graph has more interesting feature compared to that line graph. It is somehow more artistic, if we can put that way.

So, in a nutshell, life should be full of risk. Take risk. That all I wanna say. If you feel like you want to make a change, even it is only a small little change in your life, all you need to do is believing to your self. Then, moving forward to take steps.

Don’t feel afraid!  Well, you will feel scared, definitely! Because you are just a human. You are not an angle. All of us. Sometimes things might go okay, all your plans are accomplished. But sometimes, you know, things go wrong. But that’s ALRIGHT. Take it as a lesson. Like, lesson learnt, so you won’t make same exact mistakes over and over again.

So, life is just the way how it is. Take your first step. GOOD LUCK!!!



Kupang, 3 September 2016,


from my own little comfort room.











Berbagi Tips Wawancara AAS – Australia Award Scholarship

Lolos seleksi tahap 1 (Seleksi Adminstrasi) beasiswa AAS (Australia Award Scholarship) tentu merupakan berita gembira buat teman-teman, basodara yang sudah menghabiskan waktu berbulan-bulan melengkapi kelengkapan dokumen dan mengisi formulir aplikasi online.

Saya yakin bukan hanya waktu yang sudah teman-teman korbankan, tenaga, uang bahkan perasaan mungkin bisa jadi hal lain yang sudah teman-teman tuangkan untuk sampai lolos shotlist. Untuk itu, sangatlah penting untuk mempersiapkan diri dengan sebaik mungkin untuk menghadapi seleksi wawancara.

Di postingan kali ini, saya akan membagikan beberapa tips untuk menghadapi wawancara JST (Joint Selection Team) Interview AAS.

  1. Kuasai aplikasi luar kepala. Isian aplikasi online teman-teman adalah patokan utama saat wawancara berlangsung. Untuk itu, kembali ke copy aplikasi yang pernah teman-teman simpan. Kuasai setiap line dalam aplikasi teman-teman. Saya tidak menyarankan untuk menghafal uraian jawaban teman-teman. Yang perlu teman-teman lakukan adalah pastikan ke diri teman-teman bahwa setiap uraian yang ada dalam aplikasi, teman-teman kuasai like the back of your hand.
  2. Praktek/ Simulasi Wawancara. Latihan wawancara pentng sekali teman-teman lakukan. Wawancara AAS sama halnya dengan pengalaman teman-teman saat mengikuti wawancara kerja. Membiasakan diri berada dalam suasana yang mirip dengan wawancara merupakan salah satu hal yang bisa teman-teman buat untuk memupuk rasa percaya diri teman-teman. Ajak teman atau kenalan teman-teman yang juga lolos ke seleksi wawancara. Arrange  waktu untuk bertemu dan praktek wawancara. Teman-teman bisa bertukar peran dalam simulasi wawancara tersebut. Salah satu bisa menjadi interviewer  terlebih dahulu, dan salah satunya lagi berperan sebagai interviewee. Kemudian bertukar peran.
  3. List semua pertanyaan yang mungkin ditanyakan dari isian aplikasi. Teman-teman juga bisa membuat sebuah list yang berisi tentang pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang mungkin bisa ditanyakan dari isian aplikasi teman-teman. Dengan membuat list seperti ini, teman-teman dapat membuat prediksi sendiri dan jauh-jauh hari mempersiapkan diri.
  4. Dukung uraian jawaban dengan data dan informasi aktual. Jawaban yang kuat dan menyakinkan adalah jawaban yang tidak hanya bersifat deskriptif tapi juga factual.Persiapkan data yang berhubungan dengan uraian jawaban yang akan teman-teman berikan. Misalnya, teman-teman ditanya pertayaan, “Why do you want to study in Australia?”. Mungkin teman-teman akan menjawab pertanyaan ini dengan memberikan uraian bahwa karena jarak Indonesia dan Australia dekat. Atau mungkin karena teman-teman pernah dengar, ataupun membaca bahwa sistem pendidikan di Australia sangat bagus. Tidak ada yang salah dengan jawaban-jawaban ini. Alangkah baiknya teman-teman dukung jawaban ini dengan data atau informasi lain yang membuat jawaban teman-teman jadi lebih powerful. Misalnya, jika teman-teman bilang bahwa sistem pendidikan di Aussie itu bagus, dukung dengan data misalnya dalam 10 tahun terakhir ada sejumlah banyak mahasiswa yang studi di Australia. Dengan menambahkan data seperti ini, teman-teman bukan hanya memperkuat jawaban teman-teman, melainkan teman-teman telah memberikan impression bahwa teman-teman tidak hanya ikut arus dan main-main dengan wawancara.
  5. Istirahat dan tidur yang cukup sebelum hari H. Mungkin hal ini merupakan hal yang simple dan sepele. Tapi berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi, istirahat dan tidur yang cukup sehari sebelum jadwal wawacara merupakan hal yang sangat penting. Selain membantu teman-teman untuk merasa relax saat wawancara, dengan beristirahat yang cukup sehari sebelum wawancara, bisa menolong teman-teman untuk lebih fokus dalam menjawab pertanyaan dalam wawancara. Mungkin juga bisa memberikan rasa percaya diri dan mengurangi rasa nervous.
  6. Cari cara untuk meng-impress panel JST. Hal ini penting mengingat interviewers pasti akan mewawancarai ratusan bahkan ribuan pelamar. Untuk itu, teman-teman perlu memikirkan cara untuk membuat pewawancara mengingat teman-teman. Teman-teman bisa membawa alat peraga atau pendukung lain (yang tentunya berhubungan dengan isian aplikasi teman-teman). Teman-teman juga perlu ingat bahwa di akhir wawancara JST, teman-teman akan diberikan waktu untuk bertanya. Manfaatkan waktu itu untuk bertanya dan menyampaikan sesuatu yang bisa meng-impress team JST.
  7. Eye contact. Saat menjawab pertanyaan dalam wawancara, teman-teman perlu membuat eye contact yang cukup bukan hanya ke salah satu pewawancara yang mengajukan pertanyaan kepada teman-teman, tapi perlu sedapat mungkin melakukan kontak mata juga ke salah satu lagi pewawancara yang sedang ada di depan teman-teman.
  8. Hadir di tempat wawancara minimal 1 jam sebelum jadwal wawancara. Hal ini bisa membuat teman-teman terbiasa dengan situasi tempat wawancara. Selain itu, datang lebih awal bisa membuat rasa tegang teman-teman lebih berkurang, daripada datang saat injury time.

Semoga beberapa tips ini bermanfaat buat teman-teman yang sedang mempersiapkan diri untuk wawancara JST. Teman-teman juga bisa berkunjung ke postingan saya sebelumnya tentang tips wawancara JST dari salah satu alumni AAS di link berikut. (Postingan serupa)

Salam sukses,

Kupang, 17 Juli 2016.




Deactivating MATLAB without Having Access to the Computer

Installing MATLAB on your computer would not be an issue at all. As long as you have the license with you, it is a piece of cake to just install it.

MATLAB license can be purchased online by visiting When you click onto this link, you will be directed to the following page.

M_1 All you need is create an account then you can start purchasing products using your account. As what you can see, on the top-hand right corner, my name is written there, as I already registered. On this blog post, I just would like to highlight several key points that should be taken into consideration when you want to install another license on other computer using the same license that you have purchased.

So recently, I am trying to install another MATLAB on my new computer. Since I already purchased its license when I was doing my thesis in Melbourne, so I just can use the same license. The problem is the use of the license only limited for just 2 computers. SO if you wan to installed the same license on another PC (personal computer), you need to either deactivate one of those two previous installations or buy another license. Well, I suggest just deactivate one of the two used license.

My circumstances is rather complicated, since my first laptop was stolen, and my second laptop was sold prior to my completion of my degree. So it means, I could install the same license on my new computer because I have no access to those computers. However, I decided to contact people from Math Works and finally figured it out.

So first thing first, you can deactivate your MATLAB license without having any access to the computer that you have installed it previously. How could it be?

You need to access to your license center which is on your account. If you do not know how to do that then simply follow this link; It will direct you to a page where you can see your details of your license. Once you  are on that page the next step would be selecting the license by clicking on the row where your license are located on the page.

After that, you will see  a tab called Activation and Installation. Click on that tab and so you will be directed to another details with another “Deactivate”  tab. Click on that deactivating tab and therefore you will be given a deactivation string. Up to this stage, you will options of deactivation strings. Then simply choose “I do not have the Deactivation string”.

The following step would be unprompted the retrieve string by choosing the “Unable Retrieve String”. After that, you will have a final deactivation form which is needed to be completed. Once you fill all the missing information needed on that form, then BANG there we go, the deactivation is successfully. Meaning, now you are able to install another license on your new computer.

The steps to overcome the deactivation issue has summarized here on this link.

If you still find any issues regrading the deactivation you can visit the FAQ in the Math Works or probably you could drop a line to ask in the FAQ part.

If this is the first time for you to install a MATLAB license and you do not know how to do that, feel free to inquire. I would assist you as best as I could.

I will also provide some details on how you can even have a MATLAB installed on your computer without purchasing any license but rather trying the trial software provided on the Math Works page.

Happy coding, fellas.


From the corner of Excelso Cafe, Kupang, Timor, Indonesia.

Tuesday, 26th of April 2016.



First Post in 2016

It’s been a while since December last year. Yeah, moving back to Timor has been quite busy. Settling down and getting some stuff done, had pushed me a bit far form this blog.  I have so many good things are happening at the moment. So damn excited and looking forward to finish all those blessings.

I am just so lucky to have several jobs after my completion. I was doubt though, how I’m gonna be getting used to the life back here in Timor. But thank goodness so far so good. Just busy with the teaching at unis and doing a bit of research project at the moment.

I am willing to share some stories afterwards, but for the time being  let me just write something for this first blog-post in 2016. Nothing’s fancy about this first post, just couple of ideas of some recent thoughts that I have been through within the last two months here in my home town.

Frankly speaking, I do miss Melbourne, like so BADLY. Miss all the good people, its environment, miss my office and all the maths fellas from G13. The life here in my home town is totally different and indeed requires me to re-adapt. Well, so far I have made such a smooth movement, I reckon.

It’s been good since I am still maintaining contact with some close friends of mine from Melbourne. Even one of them visited me on February and others will be coming on August. I am so thankful and grateful that I have built such a great friendship with those folks. I feel like someday I probably might go back to Melbourne or perhaps other parts of the world, I suppose.

I am just starting a new chapter of my life here and planning to have some incredibly amazing experience in the near future.

“Life is too short to be somebody else”.


Love being me.




From the corner of Excelso Cafe, Kupang, Timor, NTT, Indonesia.


A New Project

I was on a tram ride from home and I basically had no idea where was I am going to go. LOL. Well, It is Sunday and you won’t spend your whole day at home when the weather is so damn good outside. So I decided to go out this afternoon (at 3 pm) and enjoy this beautiful weather.

I just realized that within a month I’ll be graduating from Melbourne Uni and this is (really) a big and important moment for me. It has been a really great journey (to be honest). Having a chance to meet great colleagues who are mostly locals (Australians) and amazing chance to be taught by great and outstanding professors, have made me so grateful and thankful for having this incredible opportunity. I have been spending my whole two years at uni and finally get my freedom back. Yeah, in these days, I have been  doing nothing (in terms of study). Done with thesis and my last exam some couple weeks ago. And now, I am technically a tourist. Wohoooo….. Just spending my free time (mostly at home) and it starts to get boring. So, this idea just came across my head when I was on my tram ride a minute ago.

It’s been a while, since couple months ago,  I have been apart from writing stuff in this blog. So, I decide to maximize my time (left) in Melbourne ( before I come again in the next future, I hope lol) by writing my adventures within 30 days before my graduation. The idea is that I will not only writing some stuff out in this blog about what I’m doing, but also I’ll make a ‘story’ about that. Hmmm, it hasn’t sound ‘cool’ yet hey.

To make it more different and original, I’ll make a (daily) story with pictures attaching on it. So it means that I also have a chance to improve my skill in photography while providing some cool and awesome places around Melbourne. Who knows, this would give you information about Melbourne; the place where I’ve been living in the last two years.

To make it more ‘awesome’ I think I will also create an ‘instagram’ account for this adventures. How that sounds? And I think this is going to be fun. Owhhh my goodness, now I think I have more to show and give in this 30 days. Can’t wait to do it. LOL

Besides having this plan, I would love to provide some ‘serious’ stuff about studying mathematics at Melbourne Uni. In my future blog posts, I would like to include some ‘suggestions’ and information about what is look like doing maths in the first uni in Australia. I am thinking of providing information about what should you need to prepare before deciding to come and study at Melbourne Uni as an international student, what are the challenges and what shod you do to cope and balance your busy and hectic student life with your social life, etc.

Owh woww, seems like I have many ideas NOW. Hahaha. Anyway, I think it is going to be fun and enjoyable for me to provide and fill my days with this activities. I can’t wait.

So, since I will start this project tomorrow, I really to get some ‘moments’ created today. So here we go. Let’s start this ADVENTURES.

Melbourne, November 15, 2015

From the corner of Elgin Street and Drummond Street,

Cafe Lua